Fully Charged Almanac 2020 Coming Soon!

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

The original reason for Fully Charged was to investigate whether it was achievable for humans to no longer need to burn things to live, to work and to travel. An unachievable destination perhaps, but an important direction of travel as the world reacts to air pollution and climate breakdown; it’s clear to us, that our audience want to live and work in buildings and travel in vehicles that don’t cost the earth.

More recently we’ve discovered that they’re also interested in an array of adjacent technologies and topics that will enable them to lessen their impact on the planet and Fully Charged is evolving to educate and inspire people to change for the better. Fully Charged exists therefore to educate its viewers that a very high percentage of the energy that the global population demands can, and should, come from ’clean’ sources, most notably solar and wind when allied to energy storage technologies like batteries; although there are many other technologies that can contribute to the transition to a post-combustion era. In short, we would like the world to…STOP BURNING STUFF.

A comprehensive, entertaining, heavily illustrated look at electric vehicles and an array of adjacent technologies that will enable humans to lessen our impact on the planet.

The Fully Charged Show was started in 2010, during the very early days of modern electric vehicles.

Now, over 400 episodes later, it has grown from a micro niche show created by one man and some ropey old cameras, into a beautifully produced world leading authority on electric vehicles and renewable energy.

With around 2 million views a month, the show is watched all over the globe.

Our main frustration is that we simply cannot cover all the innovations, new technologies and engineering breakthroughs that are occurring around the world. Our inboxes are jammed with suggestions, many of them wonderful.

Hence the idea of creating an Almanac, hopefully to be repeated as every year sees incredible growth in the renewable energy and automotive industries.

So the Fully Charged Almanac 2020 will be a comprehensive, entertaining, heavily illustrated ‘state of the nation’ snapshot of where we are and where we’re going.

We have gathered together a team of writers from industry, academia and the media to give us the most recent innovations from their specific field of knowledge, and to look forward at what’s to come in the very near future.

Who is in the book? Contributors include…

Robert Llewellyn Jonny Smith Chelsea Sexton Michael Mann Ben Sullins Colin McKerracher Jeremy Leggett Emma Pinchbeck Dr Euan McTurk Afeez Kay Richard Morgan Alice Gillman Christina Bu Peter Paul Van Voorst Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield Roger Atkins Bjorn Nyland Monica Araya Elinor Chalmers Mike Potter Maddie Moate Helen Czerski David Hunt

What will it look like?

Reaching our target will allow us to make a beautifully designed A4 hardback book, with full colour printing throughout and an estimated 200 images as well as 30,000 words of text. As a supporter, you will get your name printed in the back of the book and receive a copy before its general release into bookstores.

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