Get the right EV Point for your Vehicle


As the number of electric vehicles on UK roads rapidly increases, EV charging becomes an ever more important aspect of car ownership. With considerations such as power, connector type, and electric vehicle specification to bear in mind, we can cater for every eventuality. 

We are registered and authorised by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) which allows us to claim up to 75% from the total cost of the Charge Point Installation which in some cases can be up to £500! We can then pass this saving on to you. For this type of funding, the homeowner must comply with all the current OLEV Domestic Scheme Terms & Conditions. 


Charging Costs can vary depending on the provider. An example is Octopus EV. Octopus EV is part of Octopus Energy, and they’ve worked to design the first electricity tariff built with EV drivers in mind.

For four hours every night, Octopus Go offers electricity at a super-cheap rate of just 5p/kWh, so you can charge your electric vehicle for a fraction of the price you would at any other time (in fact, it’s 25% cheaper than typical Economy 7 rates).  Since most of us aren’t on the road between 12.30am and 4.30am, it’s a convenient and cheap way of making sure that you start the day with a full car battery, every single day.


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