Terms & Conditions

  • *Standard Installation Definition: 

  • The Standard Socket or WallPod as per chosen manufacturer at current time of works.

  • A maximum run of 10 metres from source of supply (consumer unit) to charge point

  • The property’s consumer unit must not be RCD protected – and have a spare way available

  • Cable to be surface mounted – clipped direct

  • No ground works

  • The property must have an earthing arrangement complying with current regulations

  • The charge point must be fixed to the main property and able to utilise the property’s earthing arrangement

  • The property is within 75 miles (150 miles round trip) of an approved installer or their satellite installer

  • The homeowner must comply with all current OLEV EVHS Scheme T & C’s

  • A tethered chargepoint with integrated cable and plug attached this is £50 more than the universal socket – other additional extras such as key operated facility to prevent unauthorised use etc can also be accomodated for an extra cost

  • Some ZAPPI Installations may require additional Hardware. Please enquire prior to committing to works.

  • Throughout the duration of works, we would like the use of: Electricity, Water & Toilet Facilities.

  • We use dust sheets as a matter of course throughout any chasing and/ or hole cutting. If you have any valuable items in any of the rooms to be worked in, we would suggest that these items are removed prior to works commencing. Any furniture that is too heavy and/ or fragile to be moved will be covered. The property will be cleaned to the best of our ability but you may encounter some dust settling after completion of works.

  • Any alterations and/ or extras to the agreed works will encounter extra cost unless otherwise discussed with the Electrician and email confirmation has been sent between both parties.

  • We are not responsible for any faults and/or problems, not of our doing, that arise from the existing installation once an EV Charge Point has been fitted. Due to the sensitive nature of the new equipment, existing faults can become an issue. An additional cost will be involved if these are to be rectified.

  • Advice given and/ or asked for is exactly that, advice. Persons acting on advice must satisfy themselves that it’s correct and of some use. Sussex Car Charge is not liable in any way with regards the outcome and/ or any kind of loss is incurred from the advice given. It is given purely on a personal level.


  • We have made no allowance for the co-ordination of other trades and/or services.

  • Any delays in completion of final works due to circumstances and/ or trades that are not of our doing will be subject to an extra cost due to a revisit being required.​​

  • All prices are current and may be subject to change at any time through no fault our own. 

  • There may be occasions where photos may need to be taken either as reference or for our portfolio. Any names, faces, address or recognisable images will be blurred and/ or removed from the final photo. Trade-boards may also be used at site. If, for whatever reason, you do not wish for any photo’s or boards then please make this known beforehand. No offence will be taken.​

  • Armoured cable is charged per drum and the remainder credited once the desired amount is installed.

  • All prices are valid for a period of up to 30 days from date of acceptance. This is due to wholesaler frequent price changes. We will, however, try our best to honour our estimates.

  • Upon completion of works an Invoice and Check-a-Trade feedback form will be sent within 7 days. Alternatively you can leave feedback a online at www.checkatrade.com and follow the links.

  • The speed of charging depends upon charging characteristics of Vehicle.

  • OLEV Grant is subject to Terms & Conditions along with eligibility criteria. This may be revised or withdrawn without notice.

  • Images within this website may not show up to date product and/or items available.

  • In order to claim the grant, all relevant paperwork must be provided to the Installer at time of Works. Incorrect/ missing paperwork, resulting in grant rejection, may result in full payment for Supply & Installation of EV Charge Point.

  • Sussex Car Charge reserves the right to deny installation of a Charge Point if the Survey deems the property unsafe or supply inadequate.

  • * Prices shown apply to eligible OLEV Grant Customers whose installations meet the criteria for a 'standard' installation.

  • All Electrical Works are undertaken via our sister company JS Electrical. All Electrical Certificates and Paperwork shall be under JS Electrical with the relevant  NIC EIC Registration Number.


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